can you use a channel for.....?

Can I specify what channel to use (0-7) when you do this:,28074&mute ?

I want to keep open full waterfall channels for myself and others when using the Kiwisdr for pleasure reception.

Thank you.....


  • Yes. If you add &no_wf to the URL then (on an 8-channel Kiwi) you'll be assigned a channel from rx2-rx7 first before rx0-rx1 (the channels with waterfall).

    You can't choose a specific channel because you have no way of knowing if it is already busy.

  • is there an option to not produce wf data for kiwirecoorder?

  • Not sure I understand the question. Using combinations of --snd and --wf you can get sound data only, waterfall only or both.

    As to which channels are used: If a sound-only connection is made then the non-waterfall channels are used first (e.g. ch2-7 of an 8-channel Kiwi) to keep the waterfall-capable channels (ch0-1) free for normal connections.

  • that answewrs it, thanks

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