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Fixing network address?

I've been running a KiwiSDR/BBAI for nearly a year, primarily to support wsprdaemon. I've always accessed the Kiwi via a numeric IP address on my local network.

Recently I've been powering down the KiwiSDR (and other skimmer hardware) when I've been doing some ham transmitting in order to prevent any possibility of damage to hardware. I noticed that after one such power-down this morning, the Kiwi is no longer recognized on the network. The wsprdaemon host apparently can't find it, and when I do an "arp -a" command from my Mac's terminal, the address I used for the Kiwi now appears associated with a "macbook-pro.lan" for a family member's laptop. Normally the arp command also shows a MAC hexidecimal address for each device, but for this IP address it's listed as "(incomplete)." Nothing resembling a KiwiSDR appears anywhere on the arp listing of devices.

Any suggestions on what I need to do to fix this?

Thanks much,



  • Okay, problem (mostly) solved. Checking showed that the network router had decided to give the BBAI a new IP address. Connecting to that shows the KiwiSDR operating normally.

    However, none of the wsprdaemon rx instances are connecting to the Kiwi, so I'll have to look into what I need to update on that end.

  • All fixed now.

  • Your network router might have and option under DHCP to static allocate an IP to a MAC address (your Kiwi)


  • That's what I do: Hardwire local ip address assignments in the router based on specific Ethernet MAC IDs. The Ethernet MAC (unique per Kiwi) is listed on the admin page, network tab. The assignments are still done via the router DHCP server, but the addresses are all static instead of coming from the DHCP dynamic pool range (and you should be sure to pick an ip not in the pool).

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