WSPR configuration problem [fixed in v1.586]

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I had to do a fresh install without backup (KiwiSDR_v1.486_BBB_Debian_10.11.img.xz)

WSPR and FT8 had been running before reinstall.

When i try to configure WSPR the grid square the field gets erase with a green flash no later than when the second character are entered.


(root cause for reinstall may have been syslog filling fs making system unaccessable)


  • Above still apply when field empty, but it is possible to paste the full 6 character into the field.

    And after that the "set from GPS" shows up...

    No fast solution needed.


  • This is indeed a bug. I'm surprised it had not been noticed before.

    The issue is that the mechanism that automatically updates the grid field from GPS (once every 10 seconds) interferes with a partial manual entry into the field. That is, as you're typing the 10 second check will come along and clobber whatever you have entered, replacing it with the prior value of the field. The workaround is to type quickly or cut/paste as you've noted.

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