v1.577 - When saving new presets, mode always saves as NNFM if LSB is selected. [fixed v1.578]

Ever since the 1.577 update, when I create a new user preset, select lsb mode, then save it, the mode is always initially saved as NNFM in that preset.

If I then open that preset, select the proper mode and update it, then the mode saves to the preset properly.

The DX menu in the admin panel does not report any preset errors.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with version 1.577?


  • Are you talking about creating a label (preset) from a user connection (not admin) using the "DX label edit" panel that comes up when you shift-click in the label bar above the frequency scale?

    I tried creating new labels a bunch of different ways and it always worked fine for me..

  • Yes, creating a preset in the normal interface, not admin panel.

    I have been noticing tonight that it does it when editing AM stations some of the time, as well.

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    Video of the process here: https://www.loom.com/share/fab938835b2040668698e8ebb9d3be04

    EDIT: I also notice this message in the log which seems to appear when I create a preset:

    $DX_MKRS why is b=e=0? idx=2571 f=12830.00

    where f = whichever frequency I create a preset on.

  • Okay, I see it now. Of course my tests didn't trigger the bug, lol.

    Fix coming soon..

  • Ah, so it's not just me.

    I also noticed that some stored nnfm presets bring up I/Q when the tag is clicked on and I had to go back and edit the tag to set the correct mode.

    I'd thought it was just finger trouble at my end.



  • Sweet, thanks.

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