My Installation after years of evolving

4 X KiwiSDR with BB-Ai, 2 dedicated to WSPR/FST4W and 2 for public access


Mikrotik managed Switch with Fiber feed to main LAN

6-way GPS distribution

HF antenna distribution from 2 antennas

Pixel Loop with integral LNA

OE-254 VHF vertical dipole converted to HF with Mini-Circuits LNA in shack

Various HB and surplus HPF, LPF and Notch filters

All PSU are Linear

with the latest wiring cleanup, a new RF noise search can commence!


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    Would you like me to send you an 8-way isolating, active GPS Distribution board? I think I still have an assembled one left. If you are confident that there is now and always will be zero cross-polution of CM currents among Kiwis, it won't help but if there's a chance for even small noise currents coming out of one Kiwi's RF end being injected back into another's it could remove it. These boards have a great deal of isolation at HF and below.

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    I'd like to try it as a test.... I have a +40db antenna now

  • Looks really good Jim. Is that enclosure at the end of your kiwi brick a manifold for a larger (quieter) fan, or for shielding, or...?


  • a plenum for a single AC high-quality fan

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    The next evolution...

    • no more Linear PSU, now using Meanwell Industrial DIN mounted switched
    • GPS distro using Glenn's Board
    • new 4-way splitter for vert dipole antenna system
    • AirSpy HF+ w/Inovato SBC for 10M

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