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Clicking in waterfall not working as it was

It used to be that clicking anywhere in the waterfall would put you on the frequency you clicked on. Now it only seems to work if I click in the waterfall to the right of about the middle of the screen. Clicking in the waterfall to the left of about mid screen does nothing.

Have I missed something?


  • It all seems OK to me.

    What browser are you using, have you tried another ?

    Also have you tried clearing the cache ?



  • I tried both Chrome and Edge on two different Windows laptops as well as on a MacBook. I also tried Safari on the MacBook. I get the same result with all machines and browsers. I only noticed this after a user reported that for about the last month, clicking in the waterfall area to change frequency hasn't been working reliably for him.

    I could (and might) do a screen video capture showing the behaviour. Suffice to say that clicking in the waterfall area seems to mostly change frequency as expected provided I click in the area higher than about centre frequency but clicking in the waterfall area lower than about centre frequency does nothing.

  • jksjks
    edited December 2022

    What software version? There was a similar bug pre-v1.222 fixed over 4 years ago:

    Does it affect just your Kiwi or any Kiwis you try on the Internet?

    Anyone else have this issue?

  • No such problem here, it behaves as it should (v1.572).

  • @VK2AAK

    You wrapped the entire id-kiwi-body element with an HTML center tag?

    If you're going to do stuff like that please confine it to your own HTML and not spill over into the Kiwi HTML 🙄

  • You wrapped the entire id-kiwi-body element with an HTML center tag?

    My apologies for missing that. The result of an incomplete copy and paste at some point. Thanks for responding!

    Andy will now slink off in embarrassment :)

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