v1.571: true DX label frequencies

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.571 Dec 27, 2022

  Admin page DX tab: CAUTION: If you have a "normal" Kiwi with HF DX labels only you don't need to

  perform the conversion process described below. You don't need to do anything.


  From this release forward new DX labels stored in the dx.json file will use

  their true frequency instead of their normalized baseband freq (0 to 30/32 MHz). This will allow

  proper label display when using a variable frequency downconverter (such as the freq extender

  developed by Glenn, N6GN, www.sonic.net/~n6gn/BCReferenceBlock.png)


  So for example if dx.json contains a combination of HF labels and airband labels (108-137 MHz)

  then the airband labels won't be used until the Kiwi frequency offset is configured for

  108 MHz (via either the admin interface or the "foff=108000" user page URL parameter).


  However, this means there needs to be a conversion process for pre-v1.571 Kiwis with non-HF

  labels in dx.json (e.g. those setup for airband or vhf/uhf ham bands). The label frequencies

  must be adjusted from baseband to their true frequencies. This could be done (rather painfully)

  one label at a time via the admin DX tab.

  But in v1.571 a bulk mechanism for adding the freq offset to ALL the labels has been added.

  It will appear at the top of the admin DX tab, but only if a non-zero frequency offset if set

  (i.e. Kiwi is setup (presumably) for non-HF operation). When the "Add offset" button is pressed

  a one-time addition of the current frequency offset is made to ALL labels in dx.json

  The mechanism will then disappear and not be shown again since this is a one-time operation.

  There is also a button saying: "Skip this and don't ask again". A backup copy of dx.json is

  made for safety. Ask on the Kiwi forum if you get into trouble.


  If you never removed the HF labels before beginning non-HF operation then DON'T perform the

  above conversion. You don't want the HF labels to be shifted into your non-HF band.

  Instead, with v1.571 or later, just begin adding labels with non-HF frequencies and they will

  be stored with their true frequencies distinguishing them from the existing HF labels.


  This change prevents the EiBi database labels from appearing when a frequency offset

  is in effect. The change also makes the labels appear properly when only a part of the

  HF band is visible (e.g. a frequency offset of 25 MHz is used with a converter that captures

  the 10, 8 and 6m ham bands together).



  User page DX edit panel and admin page DX tab: Can use 'k' and 'M' suffixes in frequency entry

  boxes e.g. "116M" instead of "116000" (kHz). Note: this has always been true for the

  passband field where you could specify e.g. "2k" instead of "2000" (Hz).


  When attempting a privileged operation from a user connection (DX label edit, ADC clock adjust

  etc.) an error is displayed if an admin connection is also open. After closing the admin

  connection you had to completely repeat the privileged operation. Now it is automatically

  completed with no further action required.


  Admin page security tab: new option "Automatically reload admin page if server stops responding?

  Defaults to "Yes", the current behavior. If set to "No" the page won't reload, but instead

  a warning message will appear when disconnection is detected.


  DRM extension: Hovering the cursor over the schedule entries now also shows the begin/end times.


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