Not able to go public (My lack of knowledge)

Hello to all. I am having a very difficult time to get my Kiwi to go public. I will say that when it comes to any type of networking I am about as useful as a screen door in a submarine. Looking for someone that could hold my hand thru this. Most preferred on the phone if possible. The name here is John and the call is N2XD, located in Franklin, NC. Thank you in advance.

73, John N2XD


  • I can't help you today.... but you might post what router you're using here. Whoever helps, will need to talk you through Port Forwarding.

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    @N2XD Hi John. The server sees your Kiwi's registration request. So you're almost there. It just can't communicate with your Kiwi in the return direction ( => your Kiwi).

    There are a couple of things that could be wrong, including what Jim suggested.

    On the admin page, network tab, try switching the Auto add NAT rule on firewall / router? to Yes. If you get a success message in green at the top of the page after a few seconds then try clicking the Check port open button a little ways down the page on the left. Both of those entries should return a status of YES.

    It looks like your public ip address is with a cable provider. It is possible they don't allow incoming connections (typical for residential service). Getting around this is a little more difficult.

  • Hello Gentlemen,

    The router is an Arris DG3450. I have the Auto add NAT rule on firewall / router set to yes. When I try the Check port open, I get double NO. No hurry, I would like to get this public in the future. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


  • Does the auto add say it succeeded? This is important to know, because it tells us that the incoming connection issue is likely to be the only one remaining.

  • Yes, the auto add does state it has completed and succeeded.

  • I also did the port forwarding.

  • what is the URL for your RX?

  • Here is a stupid question? Where am I looking for it?

  • I will take a shot in the dark and say :

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    Yes, it is that.

    Still no incoming access, e.g. I can't get a response from a curl

    Please send an email to and we can try something else.

  • Thanks, I set an e-mail to support.

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