Please add the state of the "External ADC clock?" and "GPS correction of ADC clock" to /status

Wsprdaemon 3.0 added the capability of simultaneously decode WSPR-2 and all the FST4W-xxx modes, and many of the top spotters are now configured to listen for FST4W on one or more HF bands. An extensive investigation by Gwynn G3ZIL has shown that FST4W-300 and even FST4W-900 can be useful on HF bands, but only if the tx and rx clocks are GPS disciplined. While the Kiwi's oscillator is appropriate for its primary use, for the radio science investigations made possible by FST4W it needs an external GPSDO. Gwynn's report which leads to that requirement has been submitted for presentation at next month's ARRL/DCC conference and can be found at

In addition, a list of many of the Kiwi receive sites which are listening for FST4W can be found at:

I would like to add the "External ADC clock?" and "GPS correction of ADC clock" settings to the information on that table. So could you add them to the lines output on the Kiwi's /status page?




  • Done. Will be in the next release, which will be in a day or two.


    First digit, external ADC clock: 0=no, 1=yes

    Second digit, GPS correction of ADC clock. Values:



      ADC_CLK_CORR_EVEN_2_MIN = 2,

      ADC_CLK_CORR_5_MIN = 3,

      ADC_CLK_CORR_15_MIN = 4,

      ADC_CLK_CORR_30_MIN = 5

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