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SSTV working ok? [should be, but the extension doesn't handle the more recent MMSSTV modes]

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I don´t seem to get any pictures via SSTV extension. It has been working ok before but now it is not. Can anybody test and confirm whether it is working or not. Thank you. v1.546.



  • jksjks
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    I tried a Kiwi from the US east coast midday 14230 kHz running v1.546 and it worked. v1.547 was okay too. What happens when you use the "test image" button on the extension?

    An absolutely purrrfect image 😬 from VE2JCW..

  • The SSTV Extension seems to be working as normal, maybe you have come up against many of the newer SSTV modes that the extension cannot decode..

    like the modes MP, MR, ML which were created by Makoto Mori, JE3HHT, the author of MMSSTV

    software. Some of these modes have become quite popular, because of the success of

    MMSSTV. The author created modes with both standard and high resolutions.

    They use YCrCb colours and extended VIS code. 


  • Well guys, lesson learned. No audio filters on while receiving SSTV! I forgot completely that I had my personal WDSP audio filter on by default. -> No SSTV pictures. Audio filter off -> normal behaviour. Little things but sometimes big consequencies. 🤣


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    The addition of MMSSTV would be great but we have come to rely on John to do the majority of the heavy lifting on both Kiwi hardware and software. It would seem like extensions is an area where you smart programmers might be able to contribute. It is beyond my self-taught skill set.

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