Kiwi not working [fixed]

Hello Friends. I got a new Kiwi. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working properly. The blue LEDs flash, it is registered in the router and port 8073 is set up. Still, I can't access it over the network and it keeps turning itself off after about 5 minutes.


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    If you are just installing a new KiWi it may be best to leave it running whilst connected to the internet via your router for an hour or so. It can take this long to upload and install all of the updates that have been made since the original KiWi software was loaded, including the backup provide on the SD card.

    If it is not that, most 'strange' other problems like this turn out to be an unsuitable power supply which cannot provide a high enough voltage or current under load at the KiWi DC input connector.

    Sometimes this is a problem with the actual power supply, and other times it's the DC cable and connector, but either way I'd try another one.

    If you look through previous posts on this forum, you will find plenty of instances of both of the problems mentioned above.



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    "... keeps turning itself off after about 5 minutes." This is a symptom of the sd card being installed and the software restoration process running. You don't install the sd card for normal operation (unlike, say, a Raspberry Pi). The Kiwi comes with all software pre-installed.

    Do the 4 blue LEDs shows a "back-and-forth" style pattern during those 5 minutes? That is the other indication it is running off the sd card.

    To recover from this situation: If you interrupted the restore process prematurely, i.e. didn't wait for it to complete and power off, then insert the sd card and power up again and let it run to the end. Restoring from sd leaves the same software image on the Kiwi as what was shipped from the factory. So it does no harm to restore. But you must not interrupt the process.

    Then remove the sd card and power up. If the Kiwi has an Internet connection it will begin an update to the current software version. This takes a long time -- about 50 minutes.

    All of this is documented on the paper enclosed in the packaging you received and on the front page of our website.

  • That was easy. I'm almost embarrassed. I just had to take out the SD card. Everything is going perfectly now. Many thanks for the help.

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