"Communication error" after select photo file on the admin webpage tab

When I seletct a photo file on the admin webpage tab, the message "Communication error" is shown. Is there any other way to change the photo.



  • What version software are you running? There was a bug with this fixed in v1.522 (8 May 22)

  • It is version 1.538

    The Kiwi is installed far away from me so I am not on the same local network. I can only access it via an open IP address. 

  • jksjks
    edited June 2022

    I just looked at the code again and it does restrict photo uploads to the local network as a security precaution. I'm not too keen on changing that. It should be giving a better error message though.

  • Then I will upload the picture as soon as I am on site.

    Thanks a lot 

    73 Roland

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