Is there a work around for the Admin pages 'Server has closed connection' ? [fixed in v1.538]

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I monitor about 20 Kiwis and appreciate that in new Kiwi SW I am no longer seeing stale admin pages, But it would be really helpful if my many tabbed browser pages could auto-refresh themselves. I find the current  'Server has closed connection' behavior has discouraged me from monitoring my systems.


  • jksjks
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    Okay, in the next release a "server closed connection" will instead do the same thing as if you had clicked the server restart button on the admin page, control tab. A countdown timer will be shown and after 60 seconds a page reload occur.

    If the Kiwi has legitimately crashed then this should give it enough time to recover (assuming it's going to).

    This will also allow recovery from random admin connection closures that some people see. However, there is only one shot at an attempted page reload. If the Kiwi isn't ready after 60 seconds then the page load will fail and you'll get the usual browser message. Javascript code can't intercept this condition for another retry. Once you say page load the prior state gets wiped (for security reasons). But for a random connection closure the Kiwi is likely still there and there should be no problem in retrying.

    It's possible a more complicated solution involving attempting a web socket reconnection could be done. But that would take a lot more effort and testing than this quick fix. Let's see how it goes.

  • Thank you. I have a lot of beta site Kiwis waiting to test it.

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