ALE 2G List

The ALE 2G List is to cryptic for me, Is there a list to see what they mean?




and the others....



  • Hi Shane,

    The first two letters stand for the ISO-3166-1 ALPHA-2 country code. The letters after that are often just made up and necessarily kept short.

    Some are probably easy to guess like UNHCR or AF for Air Force, NV for Navy, POL for Police. Others more cryptic like RC stands for Red cross and CVP civil patrol.

    There were several contributors to this list and the naming is also not really that consistent.

    Since the ALE2G extension we also have now the EIBI database with almost 1200 ALE freqs.

    Ideally the data of both should be consolidated, but who is going to volunteer for that..

    73 Ben

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    This shows the official stuff but linked stations are also free to send other forms of traffic once linked.

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    The world is up to 4G now but both 3 and 4G incorporate Link Protection which makes decoding a problem. My recollection of all the particulars of 2G is foggy but here a few thoughts:

    • there is no standard for the station addresses other than length
    • once linked the channel may be used for transmission of voice, data using different modems etc until the link is terminated with the 2G protocol.
    • Encryption can be applied to the non-ALE stuff in the middle

    Rather than I ramble, here is another reference

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