How to disable IQ mode completely?

I have a problem with Chinese bots sitting on my KiwiSDRs for extended periods of time, in IQ mode. They often cause the KiwiSDR to malfunction after some time period - I have posted about this elsewhere:

They are evading my blacklisting attempts by changing IP address. I tried disabling IQ mode in the Extensions Admin panel, but this does not seem to do this? (Or is it actually disabling IQ mode but the bot is dumb and doesn't realize it?)

Any other suggestions?


  • Unfortunately, there is no option (yet?) To disable IQ like DRM, but there is a way to prevent this annoying botnet from working properly, in the admin panel in the config section, select IQ and passband mode for HI and LO, set by default not 3000Hz, but eg 1Hz, you will become useless to them and they should disappear. Alternatively, if you need an effective shitlist with all the IP VPNs draining my slots, I can send it to priv.

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    On my receiver, many bots "sit" on frequencies where there can be no signals. Or listen masked frequencies. Why they need it is a mystery. If you need, I can try to write a script that will automatically kick the user when switching to IQ mode.

  • I wonder if the general coverage shows them where the atmosphere is being seeded to be reflective for over the horizon radar. If new military operations were planed hot spots may be detectable between area to be surveilled and the viewing radar?

    Just a wild guess, I've spent far too long wondering.

    @ArturPL comment "they should disappear." - my SDR has been down for other reasons and still the firewall shows virtually no change in connection attempts.

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