Changing webpage photo.

I have been trying to change the image.

The guide suggest that there should be a "file chooser" dialog in the admin/webpage page but I can't see it.

The Photo title and photo description fields update instantly but no joy with the Photo file field.

If I manually transfer my image, where do I put it?

As a temporary test, I named my image "pcb.jpg" and replaced the original in the "~/Beagle_SDR_GPS/web/kiwi" folder but I am sure that is not a wise thing to do (and it didn't work anyway)



  • Yeah, it's a bug. I fixed it, but I'm not going to do another release just for this. I just sent one out an hour ago.

    Go to the admin page, update tab, and click "Build now" and you'll get the fix after a rebuild.

  • Thanks for the quick response.


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