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Throttle down fan inside aluminium case

Hi everyone

Anyone tried to solder a resistor in series to the fan, to slow the fan down a little bit so that the fan doesn't make so much noise?

Does anyone operate the KiwiSDR without fan at all?

Thanks, Simon


  • It is already running under voltage so if it is noisy it might be wear.

    You could peel the sticker off the fan and oil the bearing/shaft.

    I have only run the Kiwi+Beaglebone without the fan in another case (closer to the BeagleBone and lots of metal). A lot depends on the ambient temperature, if it is in a cool room I would think it will be OK but 30C or more not (just a wild guess).


  • Stu's suggestion of peeling back the label and lubing the bearing is really good advice.

    I was consuming fans about every 6 months. They now run much quieter and I haven't had to replace one since doing this.

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