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Sound after connection [fixed in v1.508]

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Sorry for the stupid question, but when I start a connection to KiwiSDR in a web browser (I usually use Google Chrome), sometimes I hear a few seconds of sound from a different frequency, maybe someone can explain what kind of sound is played in these few seconds and why? It's look like 1000kHz AM... but why?


  • Could it be clearing some buffered audio?

    Was the frequency heard one you use or the default in Kiwi config?

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    I also know the phenomenon (Firefox). I always assumed it was leftover buffer content from the previous session (and didn't bother).

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    @Powernumpty No, KiwiSDR always start play from 1000kHz AM and if it's clean you hear only difrent noise level, but now (on the evneng) in the Europian Russia this frecuncy occupaid by "Radio Russia" and you can hear good audio before switching to you frequnce and modulation. :)

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    What OS and make of audio chip?


    Just tried with Brave (closest I am prepared to install to Chrome) very slight audio, tried a few times with Corel screen capture and blue screened my laptop.

    Waterfox (like Firefox) definitely longer and some slight recognition of audio as if sampling half of the IQ

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    This effect is independent of the OS (tested on Win 10/11, MacOS, Linux) somthing on KiwiSDR code. I asked other users and everyone knows about this feature, it's strange that it was not mentioned earlier on the forum (or I did not find it)...

    I captured smal video on 4-5 sec you can see this effect, "Radio Russia" on 999kHz.

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