Input voltage tolerance >5V

To assess how much noise is introduced by the power supply I am using, I'd like to power the KiwiSDR with an external battery pack using AA cells. But it would take 4 of them (6V nominal total) to achieve the minimum input voltage. Wondering what the upper tolerance limit is for the 5V input specification.


  • I can't answer that exactly, but I wouldn't dare to supply 6 V into the Kiwi.

    If committed to AA cells, I'd use NiCad / NiMh recharchables rather than normal cells OR put a silicon diode in series (should be specified for at least 2A), this will reduce the voltage seen by Kiwi by abt. 0.65 Volts. In both cases, voltage should be within or near enough the specification.

  • I've set my power supplies to provide 5.4V at the DC in socket, which provides 5v at the BBG.

    I think using a 6V supply with a silicon diode in series, as previously suggested, should be fine.

  • Thanks, Si diode as a voltage dropper sounds like a good approach. In the past I have used 5V rechargeable USB phone chargers, but was never fully convinced they were as clean as regular batteries since they have a power switch/charging circuit built in.

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