v1.503: better control over rejecting non-Kiwi (i.e. not Kiwi browser UI) connections

On the admin page, control tab, is this menu item Number of simultaneous channels available for connection by non-Kiwi apps. The menu values go from none through the number of channels your Kiwi is configured for. Use this setting to limit or entirely disable non-Kiwi apps like the WF-only kiwirecorder connections we've seen recently. As usual, local connections are not effected by this setting. So your local connections coming from e.g. wsprdaemon running on an RPi, on the same network, shouldn't be effected.

Remember that setting the value to none will also stop connections that might be desirable like TDoA, the SNR measurement sites, etc. So perhaps consider setting it to one channel instead.

The determination that a connection needs to be denied takes a few seconds. So you will see brief connections that then disappear. That's just the way it has to work. IPs are logged so they can be added to the blacklists as required.


  • I set the value to none, after 3 seconds from showing the waterfall on the browser I get this:

    so there must be one allowed, then it's ok

  • Something else is going on, because that setting does not apply to connections from the Kiwi UI running in a browser. Only to non-Kiwi apps like kiwirecorder et al.

    I just tried it all again on a test Kiwi and it works fine. If this is happening to you consistently I need to see the last screen of messages from the admin page log tab (not the system log) just after it happens. Email to support@kiwisdr.com

  • v1.506 the problem is gone, thank you

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