v1.499: prevent WF-only connections being invisible

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.499 March 16, 2022

  Fixed bug that allowed maliciously crafted waterfall-only connections to not appear in any of

  the connection lists.


  Better guarding against maliciously crafted "name/callsign" field having no printable characters.

  DX label edit panel on user page:

    In addition to the existing HTML '<br>' sequence, entering '\n' into the ident field of a

    label will cause a line break.


    Entering the sequence '\n' into the notes field of a label will cause a line break in

    the popup text displayed on a mouse-over of the label. Previously it just displayed '\n'

    which wasn't helpful. HTML '<br>' also works.


  When an inactivity or connection timeout occurs any active audio recording is saved before

  the connection is closed. This fix does not also apply to FAX image recording.

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