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DX label edit

Good morning.

someone can tell me why in the DX label edit function I am not allowed to modify the label, the mouse pointer spins without allowing me to confirm the operation.

[see attached gif]



  • edited March 2022

    If you add new one can you edit it then?

    I just created the same (new) entry and then edited twice, all good.

    Also did you edit the Ident and Notes fields or the frequency too? How long did you wait?

    BTW I could not download/view the gif other than as a still (22kb)

  • A spinning cursor in the browser is a serious problem. Like some kind of corruption of the Javascript or DOM putting the browser into a loop.

    Did you eventually get a browser message about the Javascript taking too long to run or respond? Does this problem happen consistently or did it just happen once? How many labels do you have defined? 10,000 like @G8JNJ ? (lol)

  • Yes I have to add it as new otherwise it doesn't change it.

    No, I just tried to change the type of reception from AMN to AM but the mouse kept turning only on the tag change the others were accessible as well as all the fields of the window. that box.

    I'm sorry for the gif I had a 4 mb ready one but it didn't let me upload so I tried to reduce it and that's the result, I didn't find a way to delete it once uploaded, as after the publication there are no keys for deleting the post or if there are I have not found them.

  • No, I have not received any messages, as mentioned in the post above it is the only window button that is not accessible, I do not know if it is a problem of the last browser update.

    The problem only occurred once for now, even after the Beagle Reboot, I had to reboot the PC and for the moment it seems to be working as an edit button again.

    I can't tell you how many labels I have defined, I don't know where I can find this data, however less than 10,000 if I can hazard a figure I would say between 200 and 300 some of which by modifying the default Kiwi ones

  • One thought is to ssh in and and go to root home and rename dx.json dx.last and then put dx.min,json online as dx.json . If that works, it points to an issue with dx.last

  • It may be that somehow you have corrupted the dx.json file.

    I try to save mine on a monthly basis, so that I've always got a fairly recent backup if something goes wrong.

    I'm not up to 10,000 lines yet (currently 7,700 heard and logged) but I've been slacking a bit recently, so I guess need to pick up the pace :-)



  • Thank you for the information, but I really don't know how to access the directory and perform the operations you suggest. I have no such experience.

  • 7,700, maybe I'll get there in 4 or 5 years :-)

    however, as for the previous post to yours, you keep talking to me about "dx.json", but the answer is always the same, how do I get to that file? I am not very familiar with the computer part of the KIWI receiver. If you have any suggestions, they are welcome.


  • A corrupted dx.json file will be detected at server startup. Long before even the first browser connection. You should see a detailed error message in the log. But the server won't crash -- there simply won't be any labels displayed.

    But this is obviously not the case here since you see them and are able to attempt editing them.

    Just as an example, if the double quote (") after the word "system" in the first entry (second line) of the file is missing:

    [11.90, "CWN", "Alpha F1 RUS", "navigation system, 1688780, 9383, {"WL":1}],

    You'll see the error in the log:

    Mon Mar 14 19:00:34 00:00:00.848 L cfg_parse_json: file /root/kiwi.config/dx.json line=2 pos=82 tok=8

    Mon Mar 14 19:00:34 00:00:00.849  L invalid character inside JSON string

    Mon Mar 14 19:00:34 00:00:00.850  L , {"WL":1}],

    Mon Mar 14 19:00:34 00:00:00.850  L   ^ JSON error position

    Mon Mar 14 19:00:34 00:00:00.851  L DX configuration file /root/kiwi.config/dx.json: JSON parse failed

  • jksjks
    edited March 2022

    I joked about the number of labels Martin has because I'm in the middle of making the "DX" tab of the admin page finally work. And the most complex problem is dealing with extremely large DX lists. You cannot take all 7500 or 10000 entries and generate the corresponding HTML at one go. The browser will stall for a very long time, or crash, trying to process that much data.

    The solution is to "lazy load" the list from the server as you scroll the panel (which has been cleverly faked to have 10000 empty entries so the scroll bar has the correct behavior). This took a while to get running but works pretty well.

    Also on the DX tab will be a panel for the "band bar" configuration that was formerly hard coded in the kiwi.config/config.js file. The contents of that file get migrated to the regular Kiwi configuration and are therefore easily editable.

    Below is the current state of the UI (needs more fine tuning).

  • To sum up:

    The dx.json file should not be damaged if I understand what is reported in the progression of the starting commands of my KIWI, as highlighted below, it is the only line I have found that shows the dx.json.

    Tue Mar 15 00:48:52 00:00:31.555   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/dx.json: 17742 tokens
    Tue Mar 15 00:48:52 00:00:31.558   L 2178 dx entries

    It could probably have been a momentary problem with the system returning to normal after I turned the power back on. At the moment the problem has never returned.

    A question the DX card has yet to be implemented in the updates? in mine appears only "TODO ...."

  • Not released yet: "I'm in the middle of making the "DX" tab of the admin page finally work."

  • excuse the curiosity, but while we are on the subject, to modify or add portions of band on these labels,

    what is the procedure, I do not know if it is explained in the instructions but I have not found any explanations about it.

  • That is one of the reasons I am putting all this in the admin interface. The current way of modifying it (by changing a Javascript file) is difficult to explain and will brick your Kiwi if you make an editing mistake. And I don't want the headache of explaining it to people or dealing with the support issues. Having it in the admin interface fixes all this..

  • perfect. thank's for your job.

  • Hi Fabrys,

    "talking to me about "dx.json", but the answer is always the same, how do I get to that file?"

    I use a Windows application to maintain the configuration files, as I'm not that good with Linux.

    WinSCP is an easy to use tool that shows Linux files as if they were like Windows, making it easy to examine, edit and move individual files.

    dx.json can be found in the root / kiwi.config directory.



  • I'm still working on this. Many hours every day. Now about 2000 lines of code changes. Including new user interface elements not present on the admin page before.

    Included will be a bunch of features I think will be very useful.

  • Hi John,

    I'm looking forward to this.

    Would it be possible to include a 'copy' or 'clone' editing function too. Where it's possible to copy an existing entry as a starting point and then just change specific parameters, such as frequency in order to create a new entry ?

    Any chance of being able to define new DX tag types and colours too ?



  • jksjks
    edited March 2022

    Yes, duplicate/delete is there. And JSON/CSV file import/export. Also definition of type (for labels) and service (for bands) allowing name/color changes.

    And a few more interesting features. Lots of code to test and corner-cases to check..

  • Fantastic :-)

    That will be very helpful.



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