Upgrading [hang after forced update?]

All three of my Kiwi's act the same when upgrading. I force the build because I don't want to have them auto update. They will update but I can never access them via the browser unless I sign into them with ssh and reboot them. It has been this way for several versions. Has anyone else seen this?


Steve KD2OM


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    Also noticed this and it first started around v1.462,463 if I remember correctly. On a local network easy to reboot, from an outside connection that might be problematic depending on being able to reach the Kiwi server via ssh. Likely a power cycle will also work but I try to avoid that.

    73 Ben

  • I tried it and it works fine for me: Update tab, "automatically check" and "automatically install" both set to "no". Then clicked the Build now button. It came back up after the build completed and I could connect to the admin and user pages.

    Please do a m slog | tail -n 500 from an ssh connection or the admin console tab. Look for something similar to the following which shows the build completing and a successful restart and post here or send to the support email.

    Jan 3 05:49:40 www kiwid: 00:00:59.293 ....   UPDATE: force build by admin

    Jan 3 05:49:40 www kiwid: 00:00:59.296 ....   UPDATE: checking for updates

    Jan 3 05:50:03 www kiwid: 00:01:21.635 ....   UPDATE: version changed (forced), current 1.482, new 1.483

    Jan 3 05:50:03 www kiwid: 00:01:21.639 ....   UPDATE: building new version..

    Jan 3 06:16:50 www kiwid: 00:28:09.303 ....   UPDATE: build took 1603 secs

    Jan 3 06:16:50 www kiwid: 00:28:09.306 ....   UPDATE: switching to new version 1.483

    Jan 3 06:17:03 www kiwid: 00:00:00.601  KiwiSDR v1.483 --------------------------------------------------------------------

    Jan 3 06:17:03 www kiwid: 00:00:00.605  compiled: Jan 3 2022 05:51:44 on www

    Jan 3 06:17:03 www kiwid: 00:00:00.607  -debian 8

    Jan 3 06:17:03 www kiwid: 00:00:00.608  /etc/debian_version 8.11

    Jan 3 06:17:03 www kiwid: 00:00:00.608  background mode: delaying start 30 secs...

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