WSPR spots not uploading [fixed]

Hi there

I'm something of a newbe and can't seem to find the answer to my question in previous posts.

Despite having the "upload spots" ticked in the WSPR control panel, spots are not been uploaded. I have double checked using my own WSPRLite and spot account.

It's decoding the spots like a dream, just not uploading them. Any ideas would be great.

Thank you

David M0KZX


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    Is your location correct, seem to remember things left at default will break that.

    Extensions page on Admin

    "The "Reporter" fields above must be set to valid values for proper spot entry into the database."

    Also would pay top check your GPS is working nicely so that frequency is spot on.

  • wsprnet seems to filter if transmitter call = reporter call FWICT from my 630M work

  • Thank you both for your advice and help. All is now working and the problem was an error on my locator entry.

    You are right that it filters out your own reports.

    All working now, and again thatnk you both for getting back to me so quickly.

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