KiwiSDR with BBAI - cannot ssh in with PCB serial number as password

One of my KiwiSDRs has a BBAI. While I am able to use the Admin page, including the console, I cannot remotely ssh in as root, it refuses the PCB serial number as the password. Any suggestions? I don't want to blindly try changing the password via the console and then break something else 😁

I can however ssh in as debian using the serial number as the password. But I can't use su/sudo of course.

FWIW this particular KiwiSDR/BBAI setup is somewhat wonky overall (which could be due to my installation process), I can't change the IP address and have it work reliably, for example.


  • there is no root PW until you set it I thought (?)

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    Root SSH is not allowed so it is down to what is stopping you "sudo bash", from debian log on, what does it report? If you change the password is it still the same?

    Changing the IP address can sometimes be an external issue if a network device is not cleared, I.E. OLDIP=MAC in the cache, so changing IP without clearing the ARP cache means packets don't get routed properly.

  • as for changing IP#. I always lock the IP# I want to the MAC in my router and let the kiwi dhcp it.

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    Same, so much easier and IMHO more reliable.

    The Ai does some funny stuff with networking...

  • Debian 9 used on the BBAI does not allow ssh in as root, unless you go through the process of disabling that restriction. You should be able to ssh in as debian and then "sudo su" however.

  • sudo bash works well too

  • Thanks John, sudo su works.

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