v1.480: HFDL and antenna switch extension fixes

v1.480 November 24, 2021

  HFDL extension: fixed bug preventing flight markers receiving an update turning blue again

  if they had already turned grey due to exceeding 10 minutes of inactivity.


  Antenna switch extension: Changed definition of what "user password only" means:

  Note: you don't have to re-install the antenna switch extension, but you must be running

a version from April 2021 or later.

  On the admin page, "extensions" tab, "Antenna switch" entry is an option menu called

  "Allow antenna switching by". The last entry says "local connection or user password only".

  In this case user password has been changed to mean the time limit exemption password

  specified in the URL, e.g. "my_kiwi:8073/?ext=ant&pwd=the_password"

  The time limit password is setup on the admin page, control tab, bottom right of page.


  The other settings "everyone" and "local connections only" are unaffected by this change.

  The previous definition was confusing and didn't work in all cases.

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