No audio when using USB or LSB, v1.473

Just upgraded tonight.

I can hear audio on CW, and I can change the bandwidth so that CW mode can decode LSB and USB. When I switch to LSB or USB mode, I don’t get any audio out.

Suggestions for additional troubleshooting?


Mark, WD4ELG


  • Additional info: When I turn off AGC on USB or LSB and adjust the gain, I can hear audio. When I turn AGC back on, audio disappears.

    Issue resolved: I cranked the PC soundcard to the max and I can hear the audio for USB and LSB now with AGC enabled.

    So what I am observing is that the audio output on CW is MUCH higher than on other modes. I don't recall observing that before the upgrade.

    Has anyone else seen similar behavior?

  • jksjks
    edited November 2021

    On the AGC tab, what are the values of the "Threshold" and "Thresh CW" sliders? The defaults are typically -100 and -130 dBm respectively. If the "Threshold" one is set anywhere between -40 to 0 dBm then I get the behavior you describe: CW/CWN has normal volume level and all other modes*, not just SSB modes, are extremely weak or silent. (*but not NBFM which doesn't use the AGC) Note how the related slider label will change to orange as you change modes to help remind you which one is in effect.

    Nothing about the update should have changed this. I tried a dozen updated public Kiwis at random and they were all fine..

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