HFDL Signals heard

Here's a good reference for what you log...


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    If you monitor a freq. you'll see both uplink and downlink traffic giving you the opportunity to log reception of the ground stations and also the the aircraft themselves. Exciting!

    Ground station:


  • Powers levels should not exceed...

    Aircraft 400W peak

    Ground Station 6000W peak

  • HFDL 01 San Francisco,San Francisco-Dixon CA,USA,38.3711111,-121.7747222

    HFDL 02 Molokai,Molokai,Hawaii,21.1861111,-157.1016667

    HFDL 03 Reykjavik,Reykjavik-Breidholt,Iceland,64.0908333,-21.8208333

    HFDL 04 Riverhead,Riverhead NY,USA,40.8816667,-72.6372222

    HFDL 05 Auckland,Auckland-Wiroa Island,New Zealand,-37.0147222,174.8075

    HFDL 06 Hat Yai Aero,Hat Yai,Thailand,6.9366667,100.3883333

    HFDL 07 Shannon,Shannon-Urlanmore,Ireland,52.7441667,-8.9269444

    HFDL 08 Johannesburg,Johannesburg-Tambo,South Africa,-26.1488889,28.2586111

    HFDL 09 Barrow,Barrow AK,Alaska,71.2822222,-156.7808333

    HFDL 10 Muan,Muan,Korea-South,35.0338889,126.2380556

    HFDL 11 Panama Radio,Panama-Albrook,Panama,8.9697222,-79.5502778

    HFDL 13 Santa Cruz,Santa Cruz,Bolivia,-17.655,-63.1211111

    HFDL 14 Krasnoyarsk,Krasnoyarsk,Russia,56.1677778,92.4847222

    HFDL 15 Muharraq,Muharraq,Bahrain,26.2733333,50.6386111

    HFDL 16 Agana,Mt Barrigada,Guam,13.4780556,144.8377778

    HFDL 17 Telde,Las Palmas-Telde,Canary Islands,27.9383333,-15.3691667

    Google Earth kml data. The forum will not allow the required format to be posted, so copy the following into a new text document and chanage the extension to kml.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.2">





               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 01 San Francisco]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[San Francisco-Dixon CA



               <Point><coordinates>-121.7747222,38.3711111, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 02 Molokai]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>-157.1016667,21.1861111, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 03 Reykjavik]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>-21.8208333,64.0908333, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 04 Riverhead]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Riverhead NY



               <Point><coordinates>-72.6372222,40.8816667, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 05 Auckland]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Auckland-Wiroa Island

    New Zealand


               <Point><coordinates>174.8075,-37.0147222, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 06 Hat Yai Aero]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Hat Yai



               <Point><coordinates>100.3883333,6.9366667, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 07 Shannon]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>-8.9269444,52.7441667, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 08 Johannesburg]]></name>


    South Africa


               <Point><coordinates>28.2586111,-26.1488889, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 09 Barrow]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Barrow AK



               <Point><coordinates>-156.7808333,71.2822222, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 10 Muan]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>126.2380556,35.0338889, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 11 Panama Radio]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>-79.5502778,8.9697222, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 13 Santa Cruz]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Santa Cruz



               <Point><coordinates>-63.1211111,-17.655, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 14 Krasnoyarsk]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>92.4847222,56.1677778, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 15 Muharraq]]></name>




               <Point><coordinates>50.6386111,26.2733333, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 16 Agana]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Mt Barrigada



               <Point><coordinates>144.8377778,13.4780556, 0</coordinates></Point>



               <name><![CDATA[HFDL 17 Telde]]></name>

               <description><![CDATA[Las Palmas-Telde

    Canary Islands


               <Point><coordinates>-15.3691667,27.9383333, 0</coordinates></Point>




  • what freqs did you receive those on?

  • One of my other 'Hobbies' is finding radio sites on Google Earth, and these were not received off-air but copied from some HFDL documents and the co-ordinates converted to something more useful.

    My best aircraft reception (so far) from my UK location, has been from just off the coast of Australia whilst monitoring GS-13 in Bolivia on 21997KHz.

    Quite impressive :-)



  • Monitoring 11387 I see a few missed decodes but the waterfall shows them to be weak and laden with multi-path so perhaps that is the cause

  • Sorry for the forum software. I could be spending 100% of my time just trying to get it fixed..

  • here's a way to post a KML file... readers can open, cut/paste it back to txt and save that as kml

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    Actually some of the coordinates mentioned above are no longer valid.

    Coordinates of all stations have been refined in system table version 51 and now they point into relevant transmitter sites much more accurately. For example, I was never able to pinpoint Reykjavik site on satellite imagery with 100% confidence. Now it's clear - it should rather be called Grindavik.

    Other examples of sites that have previously been indicated particularly imprecisely: Barrow, Albrook (it's not in Albrook), Krasnoyarsk, Canarias.

    Handy links:

    SAN FRANCISCO - CALIFORNIA     https://goo.gl/maps/txaTzm3zKJB2

    MOLOKAI - HAWAII       https://goo.gl/maps/FWSMxvgBEhT2

    REYKJAVIK - ICELAND    https://goo.gl/maps/11urqkRP9S52

    RIVERHEAD - NEW YORK   https://goo.gl/maps/hWGAk84AZqD2

    AUCKLAND - NZ  https://goo.gl/maps/JzmSC92QA242

    HAT YAI - THAILAND     https://goo.gl/maps/V79JP5DxJRv

    SHANNON - IRELAND      https://goo.gl/maps/fZ94G1VVBvH2

    JOHANNESBURG - SOUTH AFRICA    https://goo.gl/maps/qbzVyo32HBq

    BARROW - ALASKA https://goo.gl/maps/cP8WmgyUXET2

    MUAN - SOUTH KOREA     https://goo.gl/maps/6SkzcLg8FEx

    ALBROOK - PANAMA       https://goo.gl/maps/ctxhzdVgVB12

    SANTA CRUZ - BOLIVIA   https://goo.gl/maps/bb7myEbqsNR2

    KRASNOYARSK - RUSSIA   https://goo.gl/maps/ZXWJfaPMFJG2

    AL MUHARRAQ - BAHRAIN  https://goo.gl/maps/MeH4TPUs1kN2

    AGANA - GUAM   https://goo.gl/maps/6ZPBCFwrEmJ2

    CANARIAS - SPAIN       https://goo.gl/maps/4pDtJFJERS12

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    Hi Tomasz,

    Thanks for the corrected locations.

    However I can't open the short links you provided.

    "Dynamic Link Not Found

    Short URL (https://goo.gl/maps) not found

    If you are the developer of this app, ensure that your Dynamic Links domain is correctly configured and that the path component of this URL is valid."

    A few on my list had puzzled me for some time, so your updates are much appreciated, as are the rest of your contributions.



  • The link target URLs don't contain the part after the last slash. I tried to add it manually - then it works.

  • Ah OK, I don't know why that is being stripped off.

    I've copied it to notepad and saved it as text.

    When I copy and paste from the new document it's OK.

    Maybe this forum stripped it ?



  • I fixed those links.

  • There is a 1440 Hz preamble that is visible at the start of each transmission. With very weak signals, somethimes I only see the preamble faintly. Just an observation.

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