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Import DX Labels?

Any chance of an option to import DX Labels via a text file the Admin page? I'm completely agnostic as to the required format of the file, make it tab delimited, comma, semicolon, whatever. I'll massage my data into your format.

I've got 7 KiwiSDR here, so manually adding lots of labels can take a while 😀


  • edited November 2021

    Maybe you almost have already what you want.

    If the format doesn't matter and any format is okay for you, why not use json like in the original file ~/kiwi.config/dx.json ? Then the only remaining inconvenience is that you have to "import" it via ssh/scp instead of the admin backend.

  • I would appreciate this feature as well. It would be nice to be able to import and view the labels in Excel and be able to massage them to suit my needs.

  • Here's what I have done in the past

    copy the JSON file from the BB.. then you have a few options

    • hand edit the file
    • convert the JSON to a more likeable format and massage it there, convert it back to JSON
    • copy it back to the BB, and restart the kiwi server

    my jimlill:8073 box has the results of hanve kept after the file using both methods. Not as painful as you may think once you've done it.

    I used to have a dropbox site with my own and others json files, but few used it. A lot of people just leave the default dx.json in place but that can be misleading to users.

  • do the entries in dx.json need to be in any specific order?

  • do the entries in dx.json need to be in any specific order?

    Yes, frequency sorted.

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