C# client to connect with an internet WikiSDR server

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Hello all,

my name is Claudio, I am the developer of the web site www.hrdlog.net and of some mobile apps for OM.

I would like to display in one of my apps a real time waterfall of one amateur band (initially only the waterfall, no sound).

I use C# language for my applications. Does a WikiSDR C# library already exists?

Where can I download the documentation of WikiSDR server protocol?

73 & DX

Claudio - IW1QLH


  • jksjks
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    There is no documentation of the Kiwi server API. It was never intended as a public interface. Of course that has not stopped people from figuring it out. The best example is the kiwiclient/kiwirecorder set of applications written in Python: https://github.com/jks-prv/kiwiclient

    But there is another problem. Public Kiwis are under increasing attack from what appear to be "bots" and other automated connections that may, or may not, be serving any real purpose other than to tie up the pool of publicly accessible channels. There are plenty of reports of this issue on this forum.

    Allowing your application to connect to Kiwis as an internal "feature" may significantly increase this problem. This is because users of your app may not appreciate the load they are placing on the Kiwi network. Will your application limit the amount of time it connects to a particular Kiwi so the connection doesn't remain open for long periods of time? Not all public Kiwis have setup connection time limits. Will your application or documentation (which no one reads) explain the Kiwi network situation appropriately?

    There are applications that are obviously SDR frontends (e.g. CATSync, the Kiwi Android app, Monitor app, etc). These are not really a problem because it's clear what's going on and they are not worse than the Kiwi's web interface itself.

    Consider MixW 4 RigExpert. They have a similar internal waterfall feature and never even asked the Kiwi community if this would be okay to add. And it's a paid app. I've considered asking them to send a unique "user ID" so Kiwi owners can look at their logs and see if their connections are a problem.

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