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Very, Very Low Frquency heard at DN14lf @10/24/2021-14:16 UTC


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    For those that want to hear that low stuff, you can go here to my Maine site which is close enough to hear NAA in Cutler ME 24X7

  • We use a Wellbrook loop for the lower frequencies, and this allows us to just about receive the Russian Alpha navigation signals at around 12KHz.

    You can see the timing sequences more clearly if you use the Audio FFT extension and select the Alpha preset.

    We still have a bit of VLF noise from some DC drive motors in the hut ACU, that is proving difficult to cure.



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    Just realised that I missed the historic 17.2 kHz CW Alternator transmissions from SAQ in Sweden earlier today.

    The next transmission is scheduled to be on the morning of Christmas Eve Dec 24th 2021

    It can be heard on my KiWi at Weston and another of mine at Kernow.

    Here's a screen grab taken from Kernow last year.



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    Haha, Martin, I just wrote about it, but you were faster!

    Just an hour ago, I received one of the occasional transmissions of SAQ, the historical machine transmitter in Grimeton, Sweden, on 17.2 KHz.

    Part of my saved waterfall (last seconds of transmission and beginning of shutdown; zoom level 14):

    Although they said they had trouble to achieve the full power this time, for me it felt even stronger and clearer than usual. Antenna: kind of miniwhip outside in abt. 15m height.

    Regards, Manfred

  • Here's an S-meter view of SAQ 24 Oct 2021 transmission at G3ZIL IO90hw using an N6GN active short dipole vertically oriented, centre at 6 m. It starts with no signal, short period of continuous transmission then CW. Bandwidth was 60 Hz. I've a recording if anyone is interested.

    Gwyn G3ZIL

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