External (classic) SNR values

Wondering if there is any documentation on External (classic) values, i.e. where they originate from. In the SNR rankings I have noticed that not all receivers have this value displayed.


  • do you mean what typical SNR values are for any kind of receiver? How SNR maps to readability etc.?

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    Some time ago the way the S/N scores were calculated was changed.

    The http://rx.linkfanel.net/snr.html site used values calculated by checking each KiWi at various times.

    John added a more accurate internally generated score divided across several frequency ranges, which can be seen by adding /snr to the end of individual KiWi URL's

    The values that are calculated within the individual KiWi's are then uploaded to the linkfanel site and used to generate the internal 'new' scores. The scores generated by the old method 'external' have been retained for compatibility purposes with KiWi's that don't generate their own scores or upload them.

    This thread explains it in more detail.



  • Thanks for the replies and your patience with my never ending curiosity! I probably should have been more explicit in my original post. What I was trying to ask is... why are the three SNR columns at the http://rx.linkfanel.net/snr.html site not fully populated for every site? After reading Martin's reply, it sounds like the "External classic" is reported by a single outside server that connects to all the KiwiSDRs, on a list that was maintained until v 1.443 was released. So Kiwis activated after that point no longer have the External Classic value measured/displayed. For example, there are two VK5PH kiwis online, and only one has the external SNR listed, so I assume that the one without a result was activated at a later date, i.e. after v 1.443 became active. If I got it all wrong, don't hesitate to re-educate me :>.

    All that said, I fully appreciate that the internal calculated values have the higher utility...so my post is NOT a complaint, but rather a curiosity question.

  • Note that a BBAI system running 14 channel mode will not have SNR available

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