DX label edit

Where is the file for DX labels ?

How to edit and save a backup of it ?

Can I Bulk Edit it ?



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    Forum search dx.json.

    Having just done that I realise it didn't bring up the threads I was thinking of. I believe it can be done if you are careful, WA2ZKD used a format conversion to enable quicker external editing. Once in via SSH/shell it is easy enough to copy it to a backup file but it is not the easiest format to edit on the fly (in my non code opinion).

  • Where is the file for the DX Labels in the Kiwisdr ? so I can save it.....

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    kiwi.config folder /root/kiwi.config/dx.json

  • Who put in the DX Eibi Data base? Did they do it as Automation or Manual entry?

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