v1.469: passband symbol, DX labels, waterfall window function, S-meter extension

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.469 October 10, 2021

Yellow passband symbol in the frequency scale -- usability improvements:

  • Dragging in the frequency scale will no longer stop if the mouse moves outside of the scale area (e.g. tracks below into the waterfall). Thus, mouse movement needs to be less precise.
  • When zoomed out, and the yellow passband symbol is small (narrow), the passband low/high adjustment "hotspots" (sloped regions on each end of the symbol) are disabled. This prevents accidental passband adjustment when all you really intended was to change the frequency.
  • When the symbol is small it's impossible to see any passband adjustment anyway and there are several other ways of adjusting the passband via the keyboard (or zoom in more, see next).
  • To distinguish when the hotspots are enabled (i.e. when zoomed in sufficiently) the passband symbol is drawn in green instead of yellow.

The default waterfall window function is now Blackman-Harris (thanks Martin) See here: http://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/2386/waterfall-settings#p1

DX labels: When saving changes large DX lists no longer stall the user interface.

S-Meter extension: Shows ADC overflow as red markers in graph.

"Utility database lookup" in the right-click menu has been removed because it seems the globaltuners.com frequency database is gone or hacked. Work is in progress to integrate the EiBi database as a selectable, second source of information for the DX/tag labels bar.


  • Hi John,

    The new passband tuning enhancements are very good and definitely improve the usability.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and commitment.



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