IBP Scan muting

According to the IBP Scan instructions, "If the audio is Muted, it will be turned back on while the beacon is transmitting and then turned off again."

I find that when running the IBP scan, and the audio is muted, it remains muted even if a strong beacon audio is received.

I'm using the latest 463 firmware, although this 'not turning back the audio' has been the case for previous versions ever since I started to use it.

-Zyg- AF4MP


  • jksjks
    edited September 2021

    It's still working for me as Peter's instructions describe.

    When muted, and the menu is set to monitor a particular station (entries at the beginning of the menu), then during the five 10-second periods when the display is updated "vertically" as the station is tracked across all 5 bands the audio will be unmuted. During the balance of the time while other stations on 20m are being tracked the audio will return to being muted.

    Note that it's simply unmuting the audio at a fixed time period. It doesn't have anything to do with signal strength (i.e. squelch).

  • Thank you for the explanation. Now I understand, I had thought that it was a squelch process.

    Sure enough, it works as you said it would!

    -Zyg- AF4MP

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