Ban based on username?

Is it possible to ban users based on their username, in addition to IP address?

I have someone who connects to all seven KiwiSDRs here, and he will sit on CHU (3330 and/or 7850) for hours at a time. I've tried banning his IP address, but then he switches to another one (or perhaps he does not have a static IP). Anyway, he always uses the same username (BV2AP in this case), so I figured if he's consistent about doing that, it would be an effective way to block him. Ideally when blocked he should not be informed he's being blocked by username, or he might figure it out 😀


  • can you ID him in /var/log/user.log on the kiwi?

  • Yes, he appears as BV2AP in the user.log file.

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    You could write a bash script to find that in log, map it to that IP# and kick him or add it to blacklist. A cron interval of 5 mins would be right I'd think.

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    I wonder if there is a simple way to kick a connection from the OS level of the kiwi's debian?

    from user.log you can get IP# and kiwi id

  • I might just add the capability to my KiwiSDR Monitor app 😁

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