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Clone settings from another Kiwi


I wanted to do a cloning of the bookmarks from the first receiver for the next 2 that I share via a proxy from another location. I enter the address without a port, enter the password, choose dx labels and get the message- Status: -cloning from and after a few seconds -wrong password-, and on the next try -host unknown / unresponsive-

Only after entering the local IP this procedure works.

The second issue concerns a different topic, but also related to dx label tabs. I have cleaned all the masked sections of the band across the spectrum a long time ago and I can not see them anywhere, and yet on the map there is a message Blocked spectrum 10.7% when hovering over my receivers

DX label filter only searches for Ident or Notes, but if there was a Type filtering method, maybe I would find something. Any ideas on how to fix it?


  • For the cloning I think that is via SSH so would not work through the proxy address, as you have found. The proxy does not, as far as I know, forward all services, just http.

    On the second map issue I believe is separate to kiwisdr (not written by or controlled by John) so the information might be updated periodically. When faced with this sort of thing I normally try to make enough changes to the public info that it is spotted as "updated", the blocked frequency information may be much lower down the change detection than the site name or frequency coverage. Tweak on or more of those see if it updates.

  • Hello

    I managed to clone the lan so I don't complain. In the future, you will have to connect a new device next to it and import the bookmarks, and then install it elsewhere and apply any changes manually. Most importantly, I have to go out to the world through a proxy, courtesy of John.

    As for the second topic, you are actually right about low priority for changes because all other options are updated within 15 minutes description, GPS location etc. I will do a small test and turn on masking a large section of the spectrum, I will see what comes out of it.


  • I did a 12 hour test with 20MHz spectrum masking and actually the linkfanel map doesn't update that. It still says Blocked spectrum: 10.7% and the only change is next to the timeout icon ⏳, adding the icon 🚫. The case is cleared.

  • [Only after entering the local IP this procedure works.]

    Unfortunately, the tab clone option does not work again. I wanted to update the new DX labels and I cannot do it over LAN

    Status:host unknown/unresponsive

  • On the clone thing I wonder if "clone to file" would be possible, so it creates a temporary compressed file of the configs with a long random name that can be downloaded via normal http (+proxy)

    E.G. ""

    That way we could backup configs from the admin and pass the url to another Kiwi without much risk of the URL being guessed.

  • Something is wrong with the network, because only from the device I can not clone to the second SDR with the .124 ending, but the same .124 from the third receiver with IP can clone without any problems, even though all three work without any problems and after the administrator's side as well as outside.

  • Ok it worked

    I did as rz3dvp wrote, copied via WinSCP dx.json from the kiwi.config folder and restarted the devices

    Thank you for your help

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