V1.460 - step 5kHz

A small bug in the current version. The ⊝ & ⊕ button on the +5 kHz & -5kHz panel gives a 1kHz step in AM SAM SSB CW IQ, NBFM modes is 5kHz. The other buttons work as before 100Hz and 1kHz



  • I just now installed the update, and I can confirm that the +/- 5KHz is now only moving 1KHz. :(

  • Hi,

    I notice the steps from 1610-1710 are now 1kHz on largest step button (was 5kHz). As the extended MW is channelized 9/10 globally, can we have theses steps implemented from the top of MW (currently 1610) right thru to 1711kHz please? With 5kHz from there up to the highest freq?

    Vy 73,




  • Correction: the 1kHz steps start from 1602kHz.

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