KiwiSDR receivers on

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KiwiSDR is a very interesting and useful project.

The receivers have also been included in Map For Ham.

I hope I have done something pleasant for all of you.

This is the new map:

from the menu select "Web SDR".

Best regards

IU1FIG Diego, Founder CEO of


  • jksjks
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    Wow. Just wow. Incredible work! Thank you!!

    Works great on Firefox. For me the menu pulldown didn't work on Safari 14.1. But hey, no one cares much about Safari anyway.


    John, KiwiSDR

  • very nice!

  • The project was published in December 2020, and is in continuous development.

    It is difficult to make it compatible with all systems but we are working on it, the important thing is the speed and quantity of data always updated from all over the world.

    It wants to be a meeting point for radio amateurs, where you can see our whole world and activities that we can do.

    The project belongs to everyone, and many people work on it.

    Any ideas, suggestions for your country, I will be happy to work for this.

    best regards

    IU1FIG Diego

  • Very nice.

    But my AI6VN/KH6 site in Maui shows no link and very old Kiwi SW v1.417. Where can I update that?



  • Rob,

    I think you need to update your Kiwi there.


    [kiwi]/admin:public:Antenna text reflecting something from long ago?

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    Dear rrobinet and friends of WikiSDR,

    MapForHam's software is able to "read" the remote resources automatically every 12 hours.

    The data shown on the map are the same as the official KiwiSDR data, taking as a source the receivers already present on

    The aim of the project is to put the whole amateur radio world in one place. Any data with the link to its original source.

    As n6gn wrote to you, we cannot update this data but you have to do it from your machine.

    The best 73

    IU1FIG Diego

  • Dear friends, I don't know if this is the right topic, but I wanted to thank you for the link to the MFH project on the KiwiSDR home page.

    Thank you very much

    73 IU1FIG Diego

  • Yes, I needed to fix the antenna configuration information.

    Thanks Glenn and Diego

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