Two antennas on the Kiwi SDR

I've recently put the wire back onto my Kiwi. I was using a vertical before which was great for the local stations who wanted to listen to that audio or test signals. However, the wire is quite about lower and therefore they are not hearing themselves anywhere near as well. If I was to put a vertical & the wire onto a splitter would the receiver use both antennas and therefore improve the signal for locals?


  • Nobody can predict that, I think. Depending on details like geometrical arrangement, the respective radiation diagrams, frequency, signal direction etc., both signals can add up or cancel each other out or anything in between.

  • From my own experience I know that two antennas, and in my case three :) can be adapted to improve the signals. I don't know what antennas you want to use, but at home I adjusted the mini whip, delta and vertical stick so that the signals from one did not dominate the others. Of course, there are losses, but in general it can be overcome with the help of the QRM eliminator. Delta 83m horizontally connected as AUX, Mini Whip and Tank Whip with preamplifier to the Main Ant socket. and can be phased. The Mini Whip amplifies the strongest to around 3MHz, the Delta hears basically everything but the best from ~ 3MHz up, and the deficiencies in the reception of the upper ranges, where vertical polarization is needed, are complemented by Tank Whip with a modified preamplifier. Tank Whip is an antenna not short-circuited to ground, if you connect the antenna to ground, for example 1/2, you will significantly weaken the reception in the lower ranges. Currently, conditions are increased here in PL and you can hear everything up to the 10m band and the effects of this accumulation of antennas can be checked here

    Good luck

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