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BBAI Build Question

This may be a dumb question but here goes. Can I do a software build on the BBAI before moving the SDR over from my old BBBlack. Then once built unplug the SDR fro the old BBB and plug it into the BBAI. Or do I have to move the SDR onto the BBAI before I start the software build because it will fail in some way if the SDR is not plugged into the BBAI whilst the software build is happening?




  • I haven't built a BBAI from scratch in a long time. But I install v1.2 (factory version) and do a network update on a BBG all the time without the Kiwi board plugged in. It shouldn't be any different on the BBAI as far as I know.

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    OK, I'll give it a go. Was just slightly worried that if I built the BBAI with the SDR plugged in that it may change the configuration of the SDR in some way and I might not have been able to go back to the BBB if the BBAI did not work out. You've allayed that worry now so time for some fun.

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