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How do I discover my serial number when the hand written one on the PCB is illegible?

I recently purchased a KiwiSDR and need to log into it so as to set the IP address. To do that I believe I use the unit's serial number, but for the life of me, I can't decipher the first and last numbers of the serial number in the handwriting on the white space on the PCB. Please see the attached Pic. The two digits in question look the same, and seem to resemble a 5, or maybe a 7, tried those and pretty much every other possibility.

Is there a way to discover the unit's serial number electronically?


  • At a guess I'd say 4084, as the first and last look the same the range to try is limited ;-)

    2082, 5085 etc.

    From the original PCB image the serial seems to be same way up as the silk screen.



  • They're fives. I recognize the guys handwriting by now, lol.

    If the Kiwi is installed on a network with a DHCP server and a connection to the Internet (both very common) then you might find it has registered its local ip address and serial number on (you have to navigate to that site from a machine on the same local network as the Kiwi).

  • Thanks jks and also Powernumpty. I used the Ethernet cable and entered into the browser. A simple table came up with the serial number, date registered and two links. The two links are IP addresses that would be right for my home network, the second one had /admin so I am on the right track. Unfortunately, then when I opened SDRuno, that program would start, so I am installing the latest version and going through some efforts to get the software running, and drivers and then hopefully I can make some progress.

    Thanks for your help, the serial number was 5085 as you suggested.

  • Glad to hear you got connected.

    I'm a bit confused by talk of SDR Uno but I assume you have other SDR's. I have a Single SDR Play RSP1A but rarely use it now as I have got so used (addicted) to the Full-HF view Kiwi via "browser from virtually any device", in fact I would find it hard to go back to installing software and drivers now except for the very specific cases.

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