Backups via USB SD Card Reader?

Is it possible to backup the KiwiSDR to an SD card adaptor plugged into the BBB's USB port instead of the onboard SD card slot?

I have a script that I use on my raspberry pi's that works for them in this manner but in trying it on the BBB it doesn't produce a working image so the BBB won't write itself during boot. I make backups every other week or so and I hate having to take the metal enclosure apart to do it via the onboard card slot.

Just curious.


  • FYI. There are micro SD card extenders, that would be a quick way to avoid opening the case.

    I know, not a clever answer ;-)

  • Yeah I've had mixed results with those in the past. I haven't tried one in this case but if I can't figure anything else out I might give it a try. Thanks!

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