v1.440: C-QUAM & channel queueing/camping

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.439,440 March 14, 2021

  Channel queuing and camping:

    When all the Kiwi channels are busy(*) it is now possible to enter a queue to wait

    for the next available channel. The queue is FIFO and multiple parties can

    occupy the queue (your queue order will be shown).


    If all channels are busy you can also now "camp" on an existing connection and

    hear the audio of that channel. The only adjustment is to change the audio volume.

    Otherwise you experience all the changes performed by the owner of the channel

    (tuning, mode, etc).


    You can also be in the queue waiting for your own channel while camping.

    It is possible to use camping even if free channels are available by connecting

    using the URL parameter "camp", e.g. my_kiwi:8073/?camp

    You might want to do this if you know there is already a connection you want to

    camp on, but there are also free channels you don't want to unnecessarily occupy.

    In theory camping requires only slightly more resources because the audio stream

    is simply being duplicated and sent to the camper's network connection.

    The Kiwi admin can configure the maximum number of campers allowed, including zero.


    Later on we can look at adding audio-related features to camping that only require

    browser/javascript resources, hence place no additional load on the Kiwi server

    (e.g. S-meter, recording, audio FFT waterfall/spectrum display).


    These changes are complex and will no doubt have bugs and corner cases to fix.


    (*) or unavailable due to password protection on those Kiwis that have split

    public/private channels.

  Added C-QUAM AM stereo mode to SAM mode button which now cycles as: SAM/SAL/SAU/SAS/QAM

    Based on the work of Github user MaPePeR, see: github.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS/issues/395

    Remember that alt-click will toggle the mode buttons backwards, e.g.

    alt-click on SAM wraps back to QAM (faster than clicking forward on SAM 4 times).

    The same applies to the keyboard shortcut: shift-A is SAM mode forward to SAL

    alt-shift-A is SAM backward to QAM.


  Apply ITU region selection to band display (e.g. 40m ham band now stops at 7.2M for R1)

    It is possible this change will cause problems if extensive customization of

    the kiwi.config/config.js file has been made by the user. Please let us know if

    this happens to you.



  • Fantastic addition, many thanks.

  • edited March 2021

    Observation / question.

    If I use a mobile on the local WiFi network I can camp on a user from the local network but seem unable to camp on external users - scrub that works again after browser refresh - Just tried again and it cleared, I'm not a massive fan of chrome at the best of times.

    I found going "back" to a /?camp url didn't seem to start the camp feature but again I expect that is again related to how the browser may connect first (to a frequently used/cached URL) then try to pass the /&camp.

    PC seems to work fine, has always intrigued me what some users sit on for hours.

  • If I use "Next Kiwi URL redirect" future on Admin - Connection page it works for /?camp too, but it's don't good because I can't connect for monitoring this KiwiSDR or use queue.

  • edited March 2021

    Some great additions, thanks!

    Since I have a redirect page users are sent to when a KiwiSDR is full, which is a list of all my KiwiSDRs so they can choose one, I added another option to the links on that page, with the /?camp suffix on the URL, so they can camp out if they wish, but it seems like the redirect still takes precedence and they can't camp:


    Did I make a mistake in my URLs? If not, maybe this is one of those corner cases, would it be possible make the addition of /?camp in the URL override the redirect?

    One note - listening to audio works OK on Chrome and Brave, but not on Safari (13.1), there's just silence. Normal KiwiSDR audio does work fine on Safari however.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the C-QUAM decoding, thanks for that as well!

  • Oh and I can confirm that it is NOT present on the recordings.

  • Confirmed, Midori (portable) seems fine.

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