WSPR [separate day/night autorun configurations]

Can we get scheduling for frequency's ? There isn't enough receive slots for all the WSPR channels... so at night receive lower frequency's, day receive higher frequency's.


  • Do you mean for autorun mode?

  • I will think about this. It is not too difficult, but it depends on solving another problem first. It has been previously requested that there be a way to "apply" changes to the autorun list without having to restart the server.

  • Use wsprdaemon for its scheduling feature and you will also get use WSJT-x 2.3 wsprd decoder which gets 1-2 dB better SNRs and thus 10+% more spots.

  • Shane, yes, by all means use wsprdaemon. It is superior. But it does require some setup and use of an external computer (although it can be as simple as a Raspberry Pi).

    Remember also that a Kiwi can be configured in an 8-channel mode as opposed to the default 4 (you only get 2 waterfalls as a compromise). See the admin page, "mode" tab. That allows more simultaneous WSPR monitoring. BUT, then you likely run into a Beagle cpu decode bottleneck and lose spots. This is another major reason to use wsprdaemon which is more sensitive and never loses anything.

    wsprdaemon website:

  • +1 for this. I'm trying to monitor/report WSPR on all bands and don't need an autorun on every band. Most spots after the first interval are just repeats of the previous so there wouldn't be much missed if a single WSPR autorun would rotate to the next with each interval. It also takes away from the ability to run DRM on the human side of things when WSPR's using the other tuners.

    Though I haven't tried it, a possible workaround for now would be to write a small script on the BeagleBone to run a WSPR for limited time intervals with different bands and have cron execute them.

  • I was looking for a way to limit my WSPR autoruns for LF & MF to darkness hours only, and stumbled upon this thread. I thought maybe crontab could be used to turn the WSPR extensions on/off…

    Perhaps in a future revision John will accommodate it (workload permitting, of course).

  • Much easier/better to create a wsprdaemon setup. Even though it will require another computer (any old computer will do: cheap PC, another inexpensive SBC e.g. RPi etc).

    wsprdaemon gives you complete control over stuff like that and much more.

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