Running more than one instance ----audio management?

If I am running one or more instances of the app for a single receiver, on a PC, is there a simple way to individually control the audio levels? What am I missing? Obviously I can mute any instance (one or all 4) on screen, but is there a way to mix the levels from the individual instances simultaneously running? Poor man's audio mixer?

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PS - Thanks to all here chiming in on my other topics, I am learning stuff from you folks!


  • I just run multiple tabs in a single browser, one tab/kiwi-receiver. That allows separate audio, squelch ... for each of the receivers.

    It's sometimes useful to do this on kiwis that differently located and experience varying and different propagation. One can pick the best, even run squelch and let the best one win. There can be a differential delay problem but that can be dealt with.

  • In a Windows context, particularly...

    I've noticed in the past several small apps to replace the Windows mixer. There are also several offerings of virtual audio cables - very clever, with lots of configuration options well in excess of what is needed for SDR.

    My dream would be a custom SDR app delivering basic virtual connections with a mixer "switchboard", and a L-R balance control for fine adjustment between two chosen receiver channels. This could be used not just with Kiwi but any SDR software, of course. Internet radio, too, often available to verify station identity.

    Icing on the cake would be variable delay, up to maybe a few seconds.

  • I have dabbled with


  • Maybe I'm not understanding the question. But do you want more than the volume control that exists on the "audio" tab of the control panel at lower right? That tab allows the volume, pan (if available) and squelch of each Kiwi audio channel to be adjusted independently. It doesn't matter if these channels are from multiple tabs and/or windows of a single browser or across multiple browsers.

    Maybe what you're asking if there is a way to control all of them from a central point (more like a mixing console). I think that's what most of the answers here are addressing. I just want to make sure you understood the existing mechanism.

  • Speaking for myself, John, yes - that's what I would be looking for.

    • Left and right from any application instance (Kiwi or not) available as sources in a separate mixer.
    • Friendly name editing for every source.
    • Feeds to headphones, speakers or specified virtual audio streams.
    • Left, Right or sum with level control to one or many individual L or R output channel.
    • L-R balance and overall volume adjustable on each output.

    The system can be kept simple in various ways:

    • Only "relevant" sources need be selected and made available for mixer routing (to mask out apps with non-radio channels).
    • The audio end-points and connections do not need the sophistication of mainstream virtual audio cable software.
    • We need to listen to at most only 2 sources at a time with our two ears.

    In my opinion, this "pull" arrangement is easier to use than skipping between application instances and setting their destinations (including "none").

  • Thanks to all who have invested the time to answer, you folks are awesome. Picking up some good ideas here!


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