KiwiSDR: New App for Android Devices

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KiwiSDR map and receiver on Android devices?

John Seamons has recently approved a brand new KiwiSDR Android app for publication (by frantsch).

The app provides access to the Wideband Shortwave Radio Reciever Map ( As you might know, the map shows worldwide locations of KiwiSDR receivers covering the entire shortwave spectrum (1-30 MHz). Hitting one of the marker symbols will provide you with a link to open the chosen KiwiSDR receivers´s home screen. Get back to the initial KiwiSDR map any time by pressing the back button of your Android device.

All you need is an Android type mobile device, and a high-performance network connection (4G, WiFi).

Interested? Go get it:

Google Play Store Link

And: Please spread the news!

73 & 55 frantsch (35HB432)



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