Error determining the latest version -- check log [fixed, filesystem corruption]

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I noticed yesterday that my Kiwi was not running the latest version, even though I have the check for updates and automatically install updates set to Yes. On the Admin Interface, I select Update, and I see the message:

"Installed version: v1.412, built Oct 8 2020 10:19:13"

I then select the Check Now button for Check for Software Update, and get the error message:

"Error determining the latest version -- check log"

The latest log entries are:

Fri Nov 13 19:21:16 00:05:38.405 .... UPDATE: force update check by admin
Fri Nov 13 19:21:16 00:05:38.409 .... UPDATE: checking for updates
Fri Nov 13 19:21:20 00:05:42.687 .... UPDATE: Makefile fetch error, no Internet access? status=0x00008000 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=128
Fri Nov 13 19:21:20 00:05:42.691 .... task update_task:P3:T003(-) exited by returning

It is accessible from outside, so it does have Internet access.

Any help and/or suggestions will be very much appreciated!

Dennis Hanley


  • Could be an intermittent DNS error in resolving
    Can you log in via SSH as root to the Kiwi, navigate to /root/Beagle_SDR_GPS and execute a "git pull"?
    If that's successful - as in downloads stuff, then in the same directory execute "up"
    Should perform the update process for you.

    If the "git pull" fails - that will be interesting to see why. Being able to contact the Kiwi from outside does not guarantee that the update process can see the servers it needs to contact for the update procedure.
  • We resolved this. A not uncommon story: filesystem corruption (many zero-length files in ~root/Beagle_SDR_GPS) most likely due to utility work causing unscheduled power disruptions. The fix is to move the bad Beagle_SDR_GPS directory aside and do a fresh clone from Github.
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