KiwiSDR OK on the list, but does not appear on the map

Hi all, my KiwiSDR is OK in the list and was also on the map until yesterday, when I had to restart doing some minor adjustments and it hasn't been coming back to the map after that. How often is the update done from the list to the map? At least I have turned off daily restart inorder to avoid this. Thank you, Mauno


  • The people who run the map (linked to by have nothing to do with, and the list in particular. They set their own policies.

    I believe one of their policies is that they only show "wide-band" SDRs on their map. Yours specifies 0-1.8 MHz as the "coverage" frequencies and that's probably why it isn't listed.
  • Thank you for your reply. I have changed it now to ->30000 kHz, let's see, if he accepts my site now. but I'd really want to emphasize, that my site is for MW DX, because 90 % of the sites are good on SW and mine is just fair there and would dedicate the bandwidth to MW specialists, but only during winter. Do you consider a map presentation of your own? It would be extremely useful.
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    The "coverage" frequency fields have their roots in OpenWebRX on which the Kiwi software is based. Those fields were used to generate the frequency coverage tags appearing in the map on That site is gone now, but has similar tags, but of course the different listing policy from the unrestricted one had.

    I am not going to make a map site. Too much work and I would not think of insulting the kind and gracious efforts of our friends at who have provided a map for many years now.

    You can emphasize the reception capabilities in the text field as other people do.
  • OK, thanks, the site name tells a lot already. Seems, that some have blocked low frequencies by filter, but I won't do that for the high ones. And outside winter I'd want to be open all over anyway.
    BTW, are you still developing the software, adding new features? Do you take suggestions from a long-time remote rx user, but new to KiwiSDR?
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    No, I am not taking suggestions for new features. I have moved on to another project. I will however fix bugs occasionally.
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    OK, not a new feature or a bug, either, but what about a possibility to zoom the waterfall still a bit deeper? Maybe only if allowed by the host in the admin settings. The excellent frequency accuracy is kind of wasted now. Thanks again.
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