Freezing audio and waterfall v1.412 [possibly fixed by a browser restart]

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Like title says, wf and audio freezes for 1-3 seconds. It gives both audio over run an under run errors. This started right after new firmware 1.412 had loaded. Never had any issues before with my Kiwi. Now it is not good.

Try it yourself. Listen something for a few minutes.

Best 73´s



  • I listened for 20 minutes. Not a single stutter. Even DRM from China (13810) was pretty good (+/- the usual DRM reception issues with fading signals).
    Try restarting your browser.

    Great VLF reception BTW.


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    Thank you for the comment. I am listening myself now and no stuttering/freezing yet after about 5 mins. I hope it is gone. Got me really annoyed and I thougt the new firmware was to blame. My mistake. Yes, maybe every once in a while one should empty cache and start browser again.
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